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Are You Lacking

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Find balance and fulfillment
in relationship with yourself and others

You are a leader of yourself, perhaps your family or a team, too.

Are you struggling with the stress of juggling between your career and family?

Or not knowing anymore how to motivate others to do their job? 


If one of the above questions sounds like you, you are not alone. Many of us feel stressed and overwhelmed sometimes and lost on how to create the life that we desire. We often believe that confidence and creativity are innate talents which are confined only to certain people who naturally either have it or not. But the truth is that with conscious work and perseverance you can build your confidence, gain tools to manage your stress, and create more joyful and balanced life at home and work.


  In the individual coaching sessions we will work together on achieving the goals that you set for yourself.


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Individual Coaching

We will work together in person or online to get rid of your limiting beliefs that are hindering you from reaching your goals. Thus, you will be empowered to leverage on your strengths and design the action steps which takes you to your goals and live the life that you desire.


Group Coaching Sessions

I facilitate groups of

6 to 20 people around various topics. As a professionally trained coach, I know the value of self awareness - personal development in creating a life

well-lived at home and at work.

Contact me for more info.

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Leadership Coaching

I coach open-minded leaders, managers to gain insight into their skills and leveraging them to motivate their teams and communicate with them in ways that will create impactful results. 

It is like partnering together to get empowered and create more possibilities and opportunities.


Emotional Intelligence 

Would you like to know  which emotional and social skills you could improve to become better in communication, resilience and time management? 

Contact me to arrange taking the assessment.


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Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.”Viktor Frankl

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I enjoy working with open-minded leaders and parents who are willing to recognize their imperfections and be coached to become more effective in their relationships. I am adept at helping leaders, parents gain insight into their skills and leveraging them to communicate with employees. professional peers, children compassionately that create positive and  impactful results.

Contact me if you are ready to embark on this journey together. 

Sona Agopyan PCC

Creative Confident Coach


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