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Are You Lacking


Connect with your inner strengths. Find the essence of who you are and express yourself authentically - whilst feeling worthy and fulfilled - so you can become the confident, capable, and passionate person you know you can be.


My individual online coaching sessions will help you to come up with a clear vision of your deepest desires and aspirations and turn your vision into reality. 

                     Let's begin your journey of transformation!

          Uncover the Secrets to a            Happy, Balanced and Successful Life.        


Individual Coaching

I help individuals to overcome their stresses and limiting beliefs, so that they make  conscious choices more aligned with their values and live a balanced and  happy life.

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Leadership Coaching

I coach open-minded leaders, managers to gain insight into their skills and leveraging them to communicate with their employees and professional peers in ways to create impactful results. 


Group Coaching

I facilitate groups of

6 to 20 people around various topics. As a professionally trained coach, I know the value of personal development in creating a life well-lived.


Emotional Intelligence 

 Would you like to know  which emotional and social skills you should improve to become better in communication, resilience and time?management Contact Me below.


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Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.”Viktor Frankl



I enjoy working with open-minded leaders and parents who are willing to recognize their imperfections and be coached to become more effective in their relationships. I am adept at helping leaders, parents gain insight into their skills and leveraging them to communicate with employees. professional peers, children compassionately that create positive and  impactful results.

Contact me if you are ready to embark on this journey together. 

Sona Agopyan PCC

Creative Confident Coach