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Through my coaching experience, I have created my own customized system to help my clients succeed and create the results they are after. 
Our coaching conversations will take us through a journey of uncovering all of the below layers (see visual representation), so you can reach the results that you want for yourself. 

If you are interested in knowing how we will work together to help you succeed, then keep reading below.

My Formula.png

Here's a brief explanation of what each stage will look like:

1- Story: It might be a concern or goal to accomplish in your head and you feel stuck or stressed about it. We are usually good at looking outwards in finding solutions or blaming others. So I help you to move from surface level to what underlies in the beneath. 


2- Finding Awareness: Our honest conversation will help you to look inwards and take the responsibilities of your own behaviors and actions.


3- Removing Limiting Beliefs: My evocative questions will allow you to discover your self-limiting beliefs and assumptions that you are creating for yourself. Thus you will feel empowered to get rid of those roadblocks and habits that are not helping you to move forward to your desired outcome.


4- Aligning Mind and Emotions: Many things that is beyond our perception can be brought to our perception and our ability to create a life which we feel balanced and fulfilled. The most important is to clarify your thoughts and be conscious of your emotions and sensations on your body. Once these two are aligned you are in touch with the fundamental life creating process within you. Once you are in access of that power you have the power to create the best life for you and your surroundings.


5-Self Discovery: Through my process of self discovery which is moving from unconscious to conscious mind, you will get in touch with your own true self of who you are, feel confident and find calmness, spaciousness within you, peace with yourself and people around you.

Ultimately, if you get in touch with that calm space within you, you will be more in ease and function with your natural flow of productivity and fulfillment.

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