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Success Stories

Below are just some of my clients who liked to take a closer look at their lives, identify what was working and what wasn't, and then courageously make the positive changes required to take more purposeful and conscious choices in their lives…

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Ilona Lee

Leadership, transition and life Coach

Sona has been my coach for over a year.  She has helped me move forward and discover insights into issues and topics I would like to address and work on with her calmness and open-mindedness approach. Providing a clean space to vocalize my thoughts to help uncover what are the underlying factors, thoughts, and or limiting beliefs hindering me from acting and tackling the situation at hand. Her posing of insightful and inquisitive questions and sharing of her observations are valuable in helping me crystalize the core of the matter, therefore allowing me to come forth with positive actions and move into a mindset that enables me to grow and progress.  I thoroughly find Sona’s coaching powerful, impactful, and effective.  I highly recommend Sona to anyone looking for a life coach.


Shireen Hendricks

Nutritional Therapist

Sona is warm, passionate, full of energy that gives off so many positive vibrations!

Her calm demeanor and excellent listening skills are extraordinary. She has the ability to see beyond what you are feeling and give appropriate guidance. She is very warm and thorough. She constantly elicits, assesses, and reassess, to consolidate and provide a suitable response. Being coached by Sona is priceless! She always says just enough to awaken me to be more accountable.

Her coaching assisted me and gave me insight into the significant areas of my life where I would like to have breakthroughs and create permanent and lasting change.

She is compassionate and has a good sense of humor. She is wise and very dependable. She is very easy to communicate with. I highly recommend her.

She is absolutely amazing!

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Sadé Thinnies
Elementry English and Art Teacher

My name is Sade Thinnies and I have had the privilege of holding space with Sona as my personal mentor and life coach.
Sona is a blessing and a gentle soul with powerful tools to equip one with the necessary guidance, in order to take control and move one’s life in a desirable direction.
She is patient and kind. Her friendly nature allowed me to feel really comfortable and develop a safe space to open up and unpack issues that needed to be dealt with in order to move forward.
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sona and reap the benefits of transforming my life.


Annabel Kersten

Registered Nurse

I met Sona in her role as a coach at one of her parenting groups. I saw a very trustworthy, non-judgmental, passionate, calm, and balanced coach. Through that course, I already learned more about myself as a parent, as well as a person. To deepen that knowledge, we have also worked together one-on-one, where Sona really showed her full potential as a coach. Her non-predictable way of asking brings you to self-awareness and self-understanding. She is so easy to talk to, grounded, and has a good sense of humor! Sona has shown me life skills that can be used daily, as she was able to see through so many layers and get to the core of what needs guidance. I highly recommend her!

Matthew Patton


Sona's group coaching helped me gain clarity and make difficult life decisions. I broke through to a newfound freedom and haven't looked back. Her useful questions following the thread of my responses which had me go deeper into what was really there for me. Her listening is judgmental-free which meant I could trust her, share things I hadn't seen before, and see new possibilities.


Mariela Carreno
Housewife- Parent

I was invited by Sona to participate in her parent coaching workshop and I found it so interesting that I joined her 6 sessions program.

Sona led the group wonderfully, listening to each of the participants without prejudice, and created a safe space to express ourselves freely. It was enriching to share with other people from different countries and cultures and thanks to the guidance of Sona who always guided us in a simple and clear way, it was possible to maintain a group dynamic where we feel very comfortable sharing our personal experiences and concerns. The group atmosphere was always constructive learning and fun.


Frank Indigne
Co-Owner / Director at I&V Bio Limited

I was a non-believer on the idea that someone could coach me on gaining awareness and improving myself.

Sona has administered me through the process of taking the Emotional Intelligence assessment and worked together on some leadership skills.

She helped me in many ways to reflect and answer in different kind of situations, personal and business cases. 

At the end I cleared out some long outstanding issues by looking at it in a new perspective.
I like Sona’s style of coaching because she believes in her clients, empowers them to see the best in themselves and move out of their comfort zones.

I am outmost thankful for learning those new guidelines in a comfortable and super friendly way.


Katja Gallschuetz

I started Parent Coaching with Sona in a small group. My goal was to have better communication skills with my daughters. I felt very safe in a warm atmosphere.

Later we continued with one-on-one coaching sessions through which Sona supported me in creating a business plan as an entrepreneur. This was amazing! Priceless build experience! I learned so much about myself and got a lot of tools to change some beliefs, habits,...

I found my real deep self.

 Sona is a wonderful person- warm-hearted, open-minded, empathic, humorous, non-judgemental at all.

She knows to guide you on your life path.

We laughed a lot and at the end of every single session, I felt a deeper connection with myself, grounded and happier.

I highly recommend her."



I sought Sona's coaching because I couldn't see all of my strengths and weaknesses. I believed that Sona possessed a calm, confident and intelligent way to help me on this journey of self-awareness. Our coaching session began so organically because it was a space of openness, warmth and comfort. Throughout the session, her feedback was supportive and honest. This helped me clearly believe my focal talent which in turn boosted my confidence. I loved the way Sona takes the time to understand what I said. She patiently encourages you to explain solutions to your challenges in your own words after her feedback. This invaluable process helped me uncover answers to even my most difficult question and I felt pure joy from those epiphanies.

Choney Dema
Economist Graduate

 When we first started as a mentor and a mentee I actually thought we would be just shearing professional thoughts and opinions, as in you would only guide me with my university works and decisions. I was not sure if I should talk about how I really felt as an individual. Initially it was a bit challenging for me to open up and to keep the conversation professional however before our first session ended we really connected to each other, so much that right then I decided I would choose you as my mentor for until the end. After several sessions we have had together I in a way found myself sticking to what I say, I said I would study hard to get good grades and I did study and managed to get good grades in my finals. So one of the tangible benefits I saw in me was improvement in my performance.

I believe that every coach has their own unique approach to their coaching. I would say being able to make one comfortable to open up to you and share what they feel is one of your unique qualities as a coach. Another one could be your wise mind and being able to spread your wisdom to young minds like me. I value our connection; we connect to each other in so many ways. I am so comfortable talking with you and could shear all my worries, problems and even mistakes because I know I will not be judged and most importantly I know you will always have a way to help me find my way and guide me with your wise advices.

ISB Alumni

I really enjoyed working with Sona! I can feel definite improvement. I became much more confident and worthy of love. I am better managing my stress and handling my relationships. I'm so glad I made the choice to get help and guidance from you.

Anette Miklos
ISB Parent

Coaching with Sona was a meaningful and transformative experience. She holds a warm, safe place to explore your feelings, blockages and the origins of your emotions. In addition to the invaluable richness that comes From sharing with each other, Sona provides you with wisdom and practical tips from experts.


Natalie Sanders


I attended Sona's parent group coaching and It has been a great experience working with her. Sona is kind, very caring, and generous with her time. I found Sona to be very open and non-judgmental. She encouraged a safe place where everyone felt comfortable sharing their challenges and experiences. Sona has a gentle way of challenging preconceived ideas which enabled me to have a clearer thought process. This helped me to address issues in a more positive and thoughtful way. It was a very positive experience.


Napis Chemnasiri

CEO OC Organic Ltd.

When I met Sona, I was struggling with the issues That come with being a parent of a teenager. I heard about Sona's parent group coaching sessions and decided to join. After the first session, I was already able to see light through the tunnel. My relationship with my daughter began to shift. I became more empowered and more confident. I was able to manage my own emotions and my daughter's emotions effectively. Eventually, I found that we began to understand each other better, and are now enjoying each other's company much more than before I received Sona's guidance.

I love Sona's approach because I feel that she listens to me without judgment and guides me to find my true self, my answers, and inner peace, and then to move forward with a more effective parenting approach to my teen. I would recommend this course for anyone seeking a more peaceful relationship and a deeper connection with their children.

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Costantina Pederzolli

MS and HS Music Teacher

I contacted Sona because we had an immediate connection during a party and for some reason, I knew I could trust her. I needed someone who could make me think clearly and could help to untangle my confused thoughts. The coaching experience delivered exactly what I expected and more: I now feel much more confident in myself and somewhat less fearful of change. Sona will accompany you in your journey well beyond the sessions if you want it. She is gentle but knows how to dig in the right places. She will make you feel worthy of love and care! 


Lisa Chuang

Before having coaching sessions with Sona, I was feeling disconnected from my older daughter and I was having very challenging communication with all of my children in general. I wanted to have a better connection with my children because I believe it becomes more difficult when they get teenagers. Some basic concepts we know them but in real life, it was hard to apply them.
Sona’s peaceful and calm way of communication inspired me to communicate and connect more calmly with my children. Her communication tools and the practice of being more intentional in delivering messages, helped me to express myself more kindly and confidently through my relationships in general. 
I also liked Sona’s sessions because they helped me to start understanding myself and my children better. I learned to see and understand their needs and feelings through their behaviors. 
As it was a group coaching, by listening to others I felt that we have similar experiences and that I am not alone in this challenging journey.


Veroniqye Beuker
Business Development manager

“In her role as Personal Business Coach, Mrs. Matian liaised with my test results of Hudson to set up an action plan. Managing the Business, Integrate, Establish Relationships, Collaborate, Influence and Achieve Objectives, were the main required competences.

Mrs. Matian’s coaching strengthened my dealing with interpersonal dynamics and tensions. She made me aware of how to build bridges with people who think differently, to empathize more in order to have a more successful collaboration with different European companies. Further, as a I4.0 specialist it is important to be able to adapt my arguments to my conversation partner. In this, she also made me more aware by means of self-reflection tools and techniques to successfully have better interactions and influence.

Based on my experience with Mrs. Matian, I would recommend her as your coach. I have known Mrs. Matian to possess exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills. I experienced her as very social and dynamic person with an enthusiastic and positive attitude. Working with people & motivating is all her thing. She also excels in managing and scheduling coaching interactions

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Zuzi Ondrejcikova
HR Director / ELOC8


I started working with Sona because I was having some anxieties. Before meeting her, I was not sure if she would be helping me but I felt very comfortable, safe and trusted her straight from the first session. She helped me to realize my strengths and  achievements, get rid of my anxieties by managing my stress and clear my mind from negative thoughts. Sona is a very positive and non-judgmental person which helps a lot when you are stressed, having anxiety and not feeling confident. I also connected with Sona not only as a coach but as a caring person who accepted me as a friend. Sona was generous with here time and never felt that she had enough of me and I have to leave. It was a great experience.

ISB Parent

The reason I started coaching with Sona was because I felt very restless and worried about children and changes in life. I really needed someone to talk to, as I felt sometimes challenging during Covid time.  
The benefit of working together with Sona was: realizing I’m not alone and breathing. Also putting in perspective my worries about the future, not to make it bigger, but to trust and be convinced that everything will be fine. 

What is very valuable about her coaching is that she is a very calm and very loving person. I feel that she cared personally about me. Besides that, her insights are not too complex but simple and handy, spot-on, and eye-openers for me to realize it's not that bad and be 'lighter'. Be the person I want to be and not be too strict for myself and worry too much. Also, she is generous in her sessions.

Dear Sona, thank you very much. It really helped me just to take the time for myself. 

Sana K.
Software Developer

When I started the personal coaching journey with Sona, it was hard for me to accept some things about my life experiences and see them in a positive light. But with Sona's guiding compassion, wisdom, professional input and regular feedback, I was able to see my experiences as strengths and bring my focus back to the present. Sona's kind nature shines through her coaching sessions, and I was amazed at how I trusted her immensely in such a short period of time. She helped me realize my potential and where to focus my energy. She also taught me some mindfulness practices, which are now an anchor for me especially in stressful situations. After my coaching time with her, I find my outlook on life has become more positive as she coached me how to channel my energies caring about myself and focussing on the present and future. We also have designed some action plan together which is helping me to get closer to my big life goals, professional and personal, by taking small action steps every day. She has helped me steer my career in the direction of my professional goals and I believe I have regained the front seat in terms of my professional life.
It was an amazing experience for me and I totally recommend her for anyone who needs to align their inner strength with their potential destiny.

Patra Choir
ISB Parent

 I attended Sona’s group coaching sessions around various topics which I always found very insightful. I also worked one on one with her last year when my son was in his senior year. Sona with her mind triggering questions helped me to clarify my thoughts and calm down my overwhelming emotions. I learned to manage my stress better and became a more supportive mother to my son. It was an invaluable experience for me indeed”.

ISB Parent / Interior Designer

When I started to work with Sona I had  no idea what to expect, and how “coaching “ works but I understand now that it is like lost in the forest and have a really good ranger who helps you and guides you gently out of the forest..Its being lost and figuring out the way with nice guidance, but you have to walk out by yourself.It needed a lot of trust, but also I felt safe.

I was surprised to see how different the parenting methods can be..and how all of the events in my life connected and had effect the relationship with my daughter. There were lots of “Aha” moments ..and some were very hard to face..but with Sona’s gentle guidance and knowledge I improved a lot!

I loved the mother-daughter sessions and would love to see how I can connect even deeper with my daughter in the future.It was amazing how my daughter put her trust into Sona immediately and was willing to work with her..We both changed a lot!

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