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Emotional Intelligence EQ-i2.0 Assessment

You will receive workplace or leadership results by taking 20 min. online assessment.

It measures a set of social and emotional skills that influence four areas: how you...

1-perceive and express yourself,

2-develop and maintain relationships,

3-cope with challenges and stresses

4-use emotional informations in an effective and meaningful way.

By taking the assessment you will receive individual results of your EQ-i 2.0 Assessment. Your results will help you understand how to leverage current skill strengths and recognize opportunities for development.


For a private training for your team or group or for a workshop for leaders using the EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Report with customized program options based on your interests. This Workshop is for those professionals who are looking to understand and develop their emotional intelligence for benefits such as:

  • Increased confidence and awareness

  • More effective communication skills and leadership presence

  • Stronger relationships and team engagement

  • Objective and unbiased problem solving and reduction of conflict

  • Enhanced resilience, stress tolerance, and increased emotional well being


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