Group Coaching

My clients just love the group coaching sessions that I facilitate, as I create an environment where everyone feel safe to share their success stories, perspectives and challenges. 

A lot of learning and positive changes happen in this magical space created by wonderful individuals.

What is Parent Coaching?

  • It is partnering with parents to empower them to trust in themselves and develop their parenting skills.

  • The coach supports parents in finding their answers and solving their Issues through coaching questions and conversations.

  • Stop conflict and control and instead connect and bond.

  • Handle temper tantrums and teenage outburst from a place of center and strength.

  • Help yourself and your child deal with fears and anxiety.

  • Reframe what it means for you and your child to be happy and successful.

  • Understand how to approach your child when they are in conflict and meet her inner emotional need.  

  • Learn more effective communication during times of stress.