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Holidays are Enticing yet Sometimes Overwhelming

What a lovely feeling to feel free of routine and press the pause button on the hectic schedules that most of us have throughout the year. Parents need rest, as well as our children. However, during the holiday season it might continue to feel overwhelming for us. Cooking holiday meals, traveling, spending time with family and friends, taking care of children’s needs as well as our own.

I have a client who is traveling with her two daughters and husband to spend time with her parents-in-law. Through our work together, she realized that her overwhelm came from wondering what her in-laws would think of her parenting if her children were to fight or misbehave. Her belief is that she's not "good enough" as a parent. Another client is dealing with feelings of guilt. He has ageing parents and doesn't want to feel like a burden as they have their own health issues they're dealing with.

We carry so many feelings and thoughts not only consciously, but unconsciously as well. These can feel heavy at times.

Here are a few things I've found supportive on my journey.

I hope you find them supportive as well if you're feeling overwhelmed with family and life.

Make yourself a cup of tea and find a comfy spot to sit. Curl up with a blanket if you like and hold your warm mug close. Set your timer for five minutes and close your eyes. Tune in to your breathing and sink into your body. Breathe in light and energy, breathe out worry and stress. Release any negative beliefs and reframe them into a positive perspective. Some examples you could use are: You are trying your best. You are not alone. There is no perfect parent. For years I’ve wanted a meditation practice. But I just couldn’t seem to find the time. Now I do this 5-minute practice whenever I need it. On days when things are falling apart, it takes 5 minutes to put myself back together. Trust your parenting abilities and your children. Nobody is perfect. Wishing you a lovely and joyful holidays

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