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Accept yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

"I am blessed. I love Myself. "

Self-Acceptance is the key to lead a peaceful and connected inner-self. It is a common mechanism in our nature to ignore or deny our own-self. So if we are in a situation where we feel uncomfortable, we tend to blame others in order to boost our egos. By doing so we reach nowhere but running away from people and most importantly from ourselves.

Another way to run away from ourselves is to try to fill our schedule with some activities so we don’t feel our pain or issue. This in a way is good to get out of the rattle in your head, at least temporarily. But when we push ourselves excessively to exercise or to go to social gatherings, it is similar to any addiction which gives you pleasure temporarily. And when you are alone or in a social environment, something may trigger you to feel hurt and unhappy again and you start looking for excuses for your own behavior.

Therefore, looking inside us is a very important factor that enables us to understand ourselves, our own behaviors and beliefs. What is really going deep inside us, understand our emotions and thoughts and re-evaluate them to take full responsibility of our own behaviors and actions rather than looking for answers outside us and blaming others.

Here are 5 easy tips for Self-Acceptance:

1. Be with yourself in a quiet place and close your eyes to feel and notice what is going on inside you.

2. Ask yourself these questions:

- What am I feeling right now?

- Am I familiar with these emotions?

- Who do these emotions belong to?

3. Name the emotions that arises internally and accept that you are experiencing some emotions like eg: fear, insecurity, etc, without judging yourself. Just stay with this emotion even if it is painful.

4. Take few deep breaths focusing on the exact emotion you are sensing on your body.

5. Raising the awareness of what you are experiencing in the moment will slowly transcend you into a new nature of being which is more intentional and you will feel in ease with yourself and your relationships.


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